Contraversial Director warns Pawan kalyan!

Contraversial Director warns Pawan kalyan!, Pawan kalyan sardaar gabbar singh, Pawan kalyan latest wallpapers, Sardaar gabbar singh new postersContraversial Director Ram Gopal Varma attacked Pawan Kalyan several times on twitter. This time he focused on Sardar Gabbar Singh which is to be released in Bollywood once again gave serious warning. In this tweets he warned Pawan Kalyan not to proceed ahead with the film release in Bollywood as it will tarnish his image.
Here are RGV tweets
“I wish tremendously well for Pawan kalyan and tremendously unwell for the people around him who are so wrongly projecting SGS in Hindi”.
“The inner wrong advisors in the inner circle of Pawan Kalyan are going to permanently destroy the outer circle of Pawan Kalyan”.
“Pawan kalyan has a fantastic future in the outer circle and his inner circle people are fucking it up ..All his true fans should tweet him”.
“If any of the inner circle of PK have an inch of loyalty towards him they should tell him truth that SGS is not right for Outer circle”.
“The inner circle of PK out of greed,stupidity and ignorance is pushing him into a space where his outer circle will be completely destroyed”.
“I said about SGS in Hindi as ultimate PK fan ..Will talk to fake fans and outer minded inner circle bad ppl around PK on April 8th”.

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