Controversial swamy calmly invited Nayan?

nayanthara-nithyananda-360x270There are very few people who knows very well like how to get the attention of the media and public. Usually many film stars know this, but here is a person who knows this publicity stunts very much. He is none other than controversial religious guru Nityananda Swamy. Having been highlighted among the media for his illegal relationship with actress Ranjitha.
Swamy Nityananda was away from controversies in recent time after many allegations. But he surprised all the state people with his latest move. Its become hot topic in the state. Even Nayan is center of attraction for media with her relationships.  Sources confirming that, Nityananda sent a person to invite Nayanatara personally. In this meeting he tried to convince her on gains of meditation.
Its come to know that Nayan rejected his invitation due to her busy in assignments. After come back Nayanatara accepted many projects in Tamil. Currently she is acting in three high budget movies. Lets see whether she will join Nityananda after these assignments or not.By the way how about Ranjitha then Sawmy?

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