Court Gave Opportunity For Eega Villain!

sudeep-wife-priyaKnnada Hero Actor, Sudeep who acted in Tamil films like Puli, Baahubali 1 and Naan E had applied for divorce in court 2 years ago. Apparently, Sudeep and his wife Priya have not attended even one of court hearing session till date in the past 2 years. Their recent hearing was on 14th June and again for the 9th time, the couple failed to attend the hearing.

There are speculations saying that Sudeep and his wife might have changed their decision and might withdraw their divorce. But no official word regarding this is made till date. The court has given one last opportunity for Sudeep and Priya to appear before the tribunal. On failing to do so, the court will take the liberty to inspect the case by themselves and give a final decision.

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