Cricket fans taking pot-shots on Anushka

Anushka-Sharma-Pardaphash-104695As expected , now all the disheartened cricket fans of India are aiming at Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma for no reason. As the star Indian player Virat Kohli gone for just one run in today’s semifinal match with Asutralia, every Indian cricket fan is blasting Anushka away in anger for her presence in the stadium today. As there exists a talk that whenever this hot lady gets up to watch matches of her boyfriend Virat then surely India is ending up on a losing tone. This is just a remark because we can’t blame Anushka for Indian team’s performance. But still twitter users are venting their fumes on the hot lady.

“Anushka Sharma flew all the way from Mumbai to Sydney to watch her boy Virat Kohli bowl 1 over, drop 1 catch, and score 1 run!”, posted a guy on twitter. Immediately after Virat Kohli got out, Anushka felt dumb silent as TV screens started flashing her face all over. Poor Anushka, isn’t she?

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