Cute girl accused of theft

SM_ShopliftingThis is little awkward to listen but, it is true. One might wonder that, if it really happens so? Even celebrities do involve in thefts ? You need to go through this story to get to a conclusion.

Swastika Mukherjee who will be seen as female lead in upcoming Bollywood flick ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’ has been accused on shoplifting a pair of earrings in Singapore.

Reportedly, Swastika has appreciated the design of a pair of earrings at a jewellery showroom in Singapore. Soon, The earrings went missing. CCTV Cameras show the earrings were last seen in her hands and hence she was accused of putting them in her hand bag.

Apsara Oswal, the owner of jewelry store, urged Swastika to pay for the earrings which cost $250 (Rs 15,000) or return the jewellery if she doesn’t want to buy it. He is waiting for the response from the actress.

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