Cute girl kissed hot girl in public

DeepikaWe usually have a feeling or may be belief that no two persons would ever be close together forever or remain enemies forever..don’t we? But there are few exceptions to it. In a bedazzling moment that pleasantly stunned the onlookers, Bollywood’s sultry siren Deepika Padukone kissed her arch rival and yet another young sensation, Anushka Sharma. The two bombshells met during the film industry’s meeting with the officials from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Censor Board to discuss their issues with the Censor Panel’s ridiculous policies.

Bollywood media projected that there has been a cold war started between Deepika and Anushka ever since Deepika started dating with Ranveer Singh. Even though Anushka moved on to Virat Kohli, relationship between Deepika and Anushka took a beating. Putting aside all their differences finally, both the damsels greeted each other with full camaraderie and posed for the shutter bugs in a jovial mood.

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