Cute girl not comfortable in torn jeans

LavanyaThough her first ever Telugu movie “Andaala Rakshasi” failed to become a super hit at the end of the day, as an actress , Lavanya Tripathi has impressed everyone with her performance. After Andala Rakshasi, Lavanya acted with Manchu Vishnu in a film and now she is playing a role with King Nagarjuna and Nani in her upcoming movies.

Coming to the news, today when Lavanya turned up in a torn jeans for her shoot, she has a little more reason tow worry. Her jeans is having torn cuts exactly on her knees, little revealing the things. As she trolling in the place, her torn got teared, for which she got stitched again. She says, “Pros and cons of wearing a torn denim! Sometime it takes itself too seriously that you have to stitch it back and tell it, just chill”.

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