Deepika Padukone responds in an unique manner

Deepika Padukone responds in an unique manner,Deepika Padukone responds ,Deepika Padukone Many people assuming Deepika Padukone is the fittest actor in Bollywood ever since her workout video for Hollywood debut ‘XXX: The Return of Xander Cage’ was shared online.
Recently, Deepika Padukone catered time for a live chat session with her Fans. When one of her fans rated her as ‘The Fittest Actor in Bollywood’, The ‘Bajirao Mastani’ Star wasn’t flattened by the praise but she did present the reality. Terming the statement as a lie, Dippy made it clear, ‘I’m fit but not the fittest actor in Bollywood. I knew Actors who are fitter than Me’.
Good to see Deepika Padukone respond in such a unique manner. Anyone in her position might have simply posted a Thank You message in return to the praise.

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