Delhi women unsafe in Delhi: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam_Kapoor,_Sridevi_at_singer_Raveena's_album_launchThis controversial statement from young Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor might lead to many political disputes,but no one can deny her statement as there is definitely some truth behind. Recently a 27 year old woman was raped by Uber cab driver in Delhi. Responding to that, Sonam made above comments saying ” “Its something very bad to happen. Generally, Woman are unsafe in Delhi when compared to Mumbai,” she opined.

And most surprisingly, Sonam went on adding to her comments that Uber has done nothing wrong and the fault is by Government who offered the character certificate to the cab driver need to be blamed. She stressed the necessity to introduce stringent laws and found fault with government imposing ban on Uber. “If rape happens in a public transport vehicle, Then the public transport will be banned. This is what you want to do?,” she questions Government.

Nailing it totally, Sonam straight away says that people’s mind set has to be changed,but these bans doesn’t give any required results. She has a point ..don’t she?

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