Dhanush And His Family Gets A Huge Relief

Star Hero To debut as Director, Dhanush,Famous Tamil Hero Dhanush for the last couple of months is facing a critical phase.It is known that Dhanush got shock when couple R.Kathiresan and Meenakshi of Madurai claimed Dhanush to be their son. After they approached Madurai bench of Madras High Court, court directed Dhanush to appear and court advised Government doctors and the registrar of the high court bench to verify his identification marks.

Now, Dhanush and his family got a huge relief, two court-appointed doctors who examined the body marks on Dhanush stated that the alleged identification marks were not to be seen on his body. An old couple claiming to be Dhanush’s parents had stated earlier that he had a mole and a scar on his body which would prove that he is their son.–

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