Dhruva Pre-Release Business

Dhruva Movie New Stills,Dhruva Movie New Photos,Dhruva Movie New Pics,Dhruva MovieDhruva Pre-Release Business & Distributors:

Nizam: Rs 12.9 crore (Geetha Arts)

Ceeded: Rs 9 crore (NV Prasad)

Uttar Andhra: Rs 5.25 crore (Kranthi Krishna)

Guntur: Rs 4.5 crore (V Celluloids)

East, West & Krishna: Rs 9.65 crore (Geetha Arts)

Nellore: Rs 2.10 crore (Sai Teja Films)

Dhruva AP/Nizam Pre-Release Business: Rs 43.4 crore

Karnataka: Rs 6.55 crore (Brunda & Others)

Tamilnadu: Rs 0.70 crore (Shenbagamurthy)

USA: Rs 5.25 crore (Jolly Hits)

Rest of India & World: Rs 1.60 crore (various parties)

Dhruva Worldwide Pre-Release Business: Rs 57.5 crore

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