Dialogue King’s comic satires on Mega Producer

downloadVersatile Actor-producer Mohan Babu ,who is also known as dialogue king has a habit of speaking his hearts out. No matter who is in-front of hi, no matter on what topic he is talking about,Mohan babu never minces his words. This time, Mega Producer Allu Aravind became the victim for Mohan Babu’s bold comedy punches. Lets see how did that happen?

Both these stalwarts Mohan Babu and Allu Aravind had to see each other on the occasion of “Memusaitham” press conference the other day. Arvaind, who was waiting outside for the press conference to be finished, called Mohan Babu who is passing by. Mohan Babu looked back and said with a laughter, “Who are you? See who is there in front of me? Guruvu Garu (Dasari) is here. Who is important to me? Guruvu Garu or you? Of course, it’s him,” Mohan Babu said bluntly.

And all this was taken so lightly by Allu Aravind, later who went to both Dasari and Mohan Babu and wished them. Later three of them went to a coffee shop and spent some good time together. We all know that both Mohan Babu and Aravind share a good bonding between them. And this is a latest example ,they say.

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