“Dirty..” girl having fun in Rome

Mallika Sherawat(1)As soon as we see the word “Dirty..”, we remember Vidya Balan for “Dirty Picture” right? Yeah..no issues with that because , that was the impact Vidya has created with that picture. But how can we forget that there is another girl who recently did a flick called “Dirty Politics”? How can we forget that girl who created ripples in Bollywood with 16 smooches in “Murder”? Yeah.hope now you got who she is…don’t you? She is none other than Mallika Sherawat.

Shattering all her hopes, “Dirty Politics” didn’t fare well at the box office and did not fetch anything to Mallika Sherawat. As the movie didn’t fare well, Mallika thought of going on a vacation to some place where she could get out of her disappointment. She is enjoying her stay in Italy, interacting with many relatives and friends there. Here in this picture she posed in front of world’s highly visited heritage site Colosseum in Rome. Mallika thinks that her fortunes will change post this Europe tour.

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