Disco Shanthi condemns the rumors

Disco-Shanti(1)We have seen so many rumors that have been doing rounds in film nagar and also few tabloids published the news of Disco Shanti’s ill health. Finally, Disco Shanthi condemned all the rumors of her health. She says, “I’m hale and healthy. That was just a stroke of jaundice but I’m not suffering from any liver ailment as being publicized in the tabloids”, says ‘Disco’ Shanti, wife of deceased hero Srihari. With rumors engulfing tinsel towns about a mystery illness that crept around her, she has responded on time to avoid unnecessary goof ups by the media.

It is learnt that Shanti’s kids were upset seeing such baseless rumors on her mother’s health. Hence , Disco Shanthi has decided to clear the air and continues saying ” I am suffering from jaundice and taking the treatment at Chennai,staying in my sister Lalitha Kumari’s home”.

So that’s the story guys.

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