Divorced Cine couple patchup their differences!

malaika-and-arbaazDivorces are quite common in Bollywood. Many married people have taken divoirce in the recent past in Bollywood. But someone cancelling their
break-up and wanted to live together is very rare.One such thing is going to happen now.
 Salman Khan’s Brother, Arbaz Khan and Malaika Arora  loved each other and got married in 1998. After living together for several years, they decided
to quit the married life and applied for divorce.
But, now all of sudden, the couple is reconsidering, their marriage and planning to move in together. It is said that her her sister Amrita Ladak and her
mother Joyce managed to convince her to get back with Arbaaz and sort out things with him.
Finally she accepted and is planning to move in the family home with Arbaaz. The couple has a son, Arhaan who came with Malaika when she moved out.

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