Do Not Blame Tollywood ..Posani

Posani Krishnamurali is known for his frankness, he never hesitates to be outspoken. He openly slammed many celebrities in the industry as well as he openly praised too.The other day Posani made sensational comments on Drugs in Tollywood during his media interaction.

It is known that recently Excise police busted drug racket in Hyderabad where they found large-scale of drugs and arrested four accused who are linked with this drugs case.The news came out that one of the top producers in Tollywood has links with this Drugs Racket where Police are investigating and they will announce the producer name soon.

Posani who interacted with media revealed that there are drug addicts and also a few people who supply narcotic substances to others in Tollywood.But they are hardly 1 or 2 percent of industry people are involved in drug trafficking and that it’s wrong to portray the entire film industry in bad light.

Industry always keeps away drug addicted and drug suppliers, there is no point of blaming the entire industry.Posani said that Telugu film industry is a great industry and it has been giving livelihood to many. Finally, he requested all youth to keep away from drugs because it not only destroys one, the entire your family will be ruined.

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