Do we need censorship for TV programs too?

2014-12-22_251_Home_venuGuess its hight time to have a strong censorship for TV programs too these days. Considering few incident that occurred in the recent past, one feels that it is must and should that we need some censorship for TV like films. Recently we have seen, a bunch of ‘lawyers’ have accused that the comedy-show ‘Jabardasth’ has hurt their feelings due to some comedian portraying lawyers in bad light. And then a caste-association lodged cases that their caste is highly insulted by comedian Venu and his team. And yesterday they have hit Venu so badly that he is admitted in Apollo Hospital. What indications are these happenings giving?

Many of the critics opine that controversial comedy show ‘Jabardasth’ needs to be reviewed. It is need of the hour that the jokes being put up on the show need some moral guidelines, minimizing criticism and eliminating the way they poke fun at others. In fact, the whole of Jabardasth comedy is full of double meanings .This needs to be toned down as people started laughing at these jokes now and somewhat stated taking these jokes in an offensive stride.

We get to know the fate of “Jabbardasth” in a few days of time from now. Let’s wait and see how it goes.

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