Do you want to know who is Kamal’s favourite actor?

Kamal Haasan HD Wallpapers 2013Universal actor Kamal Hasan is known for his versatile acting over three decades now. No actor could dare to attempt few roles that Kamal did so far in his career. Kamal is an inspiration and motivation and idol for many upcoming artistes in India. But one would be interested to know who could be the favourite actor of Kamal Hasan? Let’s find out.

During the FICCI Frames 2015 inauguration on Wednesday, Kamal Haasan commented – ‘Aamir is my favourite actor and he is on the dias’. On dealing with many controversies throughout his career, Kamal Haasan alleges he is always targeted for some reason or the other. “People objected the title ‘Mumbai Express’. They say Title wasn’t a Tamil one. Can anyone say a Tamil word for Mumbai? Even the title ‘Sandiyar’ was made a controversy but a film with same title released few months ago and no one raised any objection. In the case of ‘Papanasam’ (Drushyam remake), I had to fight a legal battle till last week,” he said.

Aamir Khan opined Film Industry could contribute to Nation building in a big way. He believes good content can change thinking and stresses the need to provide quality children’s content. Responding on the controversy of Viswaroopam, Mr.Perfectionist said he is completely against banning any content.

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