Dusky beauty takes on critics for not encouraging her

Neetu Chandra Latest Photos (14)This is something new to the film critics that an actress takes them on rather than they themselves go criticizing like they usually do. Bollywood’s sexy lady Neethu Chandra has seriously issued a warning to all the critics for annoying her with their comments regularly.

Neetu: “If U can’t encourage me 4 my hard work dn U don’t have any right 2 even criticise me. won’t take it n u will be blocked.” tweeted recently.

There isn’t any news on this like what made Neethu give such bold statements on critics. Already Neethu has no films in her hands, more over if she behaves so, it would ruin her career more. Currently, Neetu Chandra is working for Tamil flick ‘Vaigai Express’. While doing an action sequence in the movie, She suffered bruises and even her left eye was swollen. Successive flops must have made Neethu put more efforts for the film, which is understandable. But , mind your tongue girl. Win friends in the film industry so that your career is prolonged little more rather than earning enemies ,who could easily end your career.

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