Eedu Gold Ehe Review


Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review

Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review

Star cast: Sunil, Richa Panai, and Sushma Raj
Director: Veeru Potla
Banner: AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Music: Sagar M
Producer: Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Sunil has been facing repeated flops for the last couple of years but he did not deter to play as the hero. He always believes that he can come up with a right script to cement his position in Tollywood. Now, he has joined hands Veeru Potla for comedy entertainer titled Eedu Gold Ehe. Let’s see this movie will change his life prospects.
Bangaru Raju (Sunil) is naïve which makes him to fall into many troubles every time. Finally, he gets settled in Hyderabad by doing a job. Unfortunately, one of the notorious criminals house is robbed which falls on Sunil mistakably; this incident leads him to run away. Who is the real robber and why does he face such situation forms the crux of the story.
Sunil has played the role which is bounced beyond his style of acting. But, he did his best. A few scenes are truly interesting and offer a few laughs with his comic sense. However, it might not be very apt for him. Sushma Raj did an okay job. Richa Panai tried something to light up the screen but nothing new and get nothing out of it. Punnet Issar has enough stuff but the character that he essayed is not so particular to enhance his histrionics. Shakalaka Shankar got a nice role and good job in this movie. 30 years Prudvi is fine but feel like repetitive.
The story looks like the inspiration of early 60s Hollywood film to guess the crimes and root cause. But, nothing has been hard hitting and it is obscure. Veeru Potla’s script is so good but when it comes to present on the screen, it went wrong with the wrong selection of cast. If he had taken an apt cast, it would have been a great impact. Female leads are wasted completely. When the story enters into the main theme, the screenplay has misfired and unable to convey the right intention of the director. The script might be some magical on papers but it was not presented on screen to reach audiences.
Sagar Mahati has tried his best but just passable and could not sustain at crucial scenes. Songs are not situational and feel tedious. The direction is okay but it does need a lot of homework to showcase as the script is much better than materialized on screen. Production values are okay.
Final Say:
Eedu Gold Ehe is just average flick for film buffs

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