Everyone laughing at her Lunacy

lisa-haydon_140489514000Despite of many appearances in Bollywood, sex bomb Lisa Haydon could not make it to big league. No single steamy photshoot of her’s has fetched him a remarkable success in B-town. And her fate didn’t change in Tollywood too,though she appeared in a peppy number in ” Racha” ,starring Ram Charan Tej.On top of it, her so called affair with Varun Dhawan has put her in headlines for few times but nothing big happened.

The other day while speaking to media, Lisa stunned everyone with her comments about her would be ,saying that who ever marries her should take her world tour often it seems. Lisa further added that she would like to marry a man who presents her with lots of kids.

Few gossip mongers making fun out of her craziness like when does she delivers lots of babies ,if she goes on world tour that often? They have a point ,what say folks?

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