Fake platinum disc functions in TFI?

Film-Industry-TeluguEarlier it used to be a different scenario with music lovers,as they used to rush to the near by music stores and grab their cassettes and CD’s of their favorite music director’s albums. But now a days it has totally changed. Gone are the days where people throng at audio shops for audio cassettes, music CDs. And experts in entertainment industry say there has been a huge drop in the sale of music CDs, cassettes in the last five years. With the songs available online for free, even star-studded films are also unable make the magic. Yet Telugu filmmakers are leaving no brick unturned to garner publicity and making ‘fake’ celebrations of audio successes. The latest to celebrate such audio success event is the small-ticket film Ice Cream 2, a sequel to RGV’s previous film Ice Cream.

An industry source comments, “Usually, Platinum Disc function is celebrated when an album has sold 1 Million copies, Double Platinum means the album has sold 2 Million copies, Triple Platinum means it has sold 3 Million copies and Hexa Platinum means it has sold over 6 Million copies. But the actual sales figures of audio CDs including online downloads are not even close to the platinum or gold (half-million). But Telugu films are known for celebrating such fake events.”

However stars like Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun are few exceptions who still hold good sway over audio sales yet not like the way the copies were sold some five years ago.

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