Famous Heroine used to Sell her Body Four Times a week

josephine gillan (1)Actress Josephine Gillan, who plays prostitute Marei in the popular fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones”, says she was earlier addicted to cocaine and for buying it she used

to sell her body “three or four times a week”.

Gillan says her life of drugs, prostitution and porn was “saved” by the show.

“’Game Of Thrones’ saved my life. I couldn’t have gone on for much longer. I was addicted to cocaine and to keep the supply I needed, I had to sell my body three or four times

a week,” Gillan said.

“I was earning thousands of pounds a time for sleeping with wealthy punters. They’d pay a fortune knowing they were having sex with a porn star. I’d get as much as 4,000

pounds for an all-night session. I should have been set up for life but all the money was being blown on drugs. I was a train crash,” she added.

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