Famous Heroinec Forced To Do Erotic Scenes: Left shoot In Tears!

chitrangada singh (1)We all know that doing erotic scenes , very few can do that! One need put his/her shame aside to do that. Recently, one shocking incident took place on the sets of Chitrangada Singh-Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s upcoming film, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz. According to Spotboye, the director of the film, Kushan Nandy ordered her bizarrely to shoot sex scenes for the movie.

“Kushan got a bit too engaged in the scene in question, which required Nawaz to only pull Chitrangada roughly on the bed and realise that someone is watching them. Kushan was not happy with the first take. He thundered: Chitrangada, you ought to get literally on top of Nawaz. Tange ragdo and sex karo.”

Well, it’s quite embarrassing and unprofessional too, to talk to any actress like this, in front of the entire crew members. But we all know that Chitrangada is surely not the one, who can’t speak for herself and hitback by saying how can he speak to her so outrageously while giving directions about an intimate scene in front of the entire unit.

To which Kushan replied, “Okay, let’s talk it out aside. But by then, Chitrangada had lost it.” Reportedly, she too, shot back, “Now that you have started it in front of so many people, why end it in a place away from them? What do you think of yourself, Kushan?

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