Fan sends obscene photos to young heroine

14look1As there isn’t any stopping to the technology that is developing leaps and bounces, there are many people who are misusing it to the maximum extent. One has to agree the fact that social Media revolution has had its share of pros n cons.

A young heroine Nikhita (Sambaram, Kalyana Ramudu, Don fame) is one of the actresses who is always active on social media platforms like face-book and twitter. And the latest news is that a fan of her has sent her some obscene pics of his private parts and messaged in a perverted way it seems. And this sexy lady was shocked like anything and went clueless what is happening. Within no time she came out of the shock and appealed her fans not to post any offensive or obscene pics on her page and tag her .

“This Guy’s display picture is that of his private parts and even sent some perverted messages. He needs some serious help,” says the actress, who feels fans will take care of such people once celebs condemn such disgusting acts.

Nikhita is not seen in any Telugu pictures off late ,but now she has her come back flick “Avunu-2” directed by Ravi Babu,which has Harshavardhan Rane and Poorna as the main leads.

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