Few dialogues and a rape scene axed for “Temper”

Temper Release Date Wallpapers (1)As we already have seen the other day, “Temper ” has finished its censor formalities and getting ready for a grand release on 13th February.And here are some details of the scenes and dialogues that were scissored for which the censor board said to have objected.

We know what kind of dialogues does Puri writes for the hero characters in his movies. He always try to put it straight with some candid dialogues . As er the reports, it is learnt that there are many cuss words used in “Temper” as Puri Jagan felt that the cop drama will get intensity only if he uses cuss words like dobbutha, bongulo, dobbestaay, thokkalo, bongistha as plenty as possible. Censor Board asked the director to chop out all those double meaning dialogues where Puri used loads of exemplars to hint indirectly about sex and perversion.

Especially those dialogues that used stuff like ‘Vankayatho em chestunnav’, ‘koorcchoni cheyyamantara, nunchoni cheyyamantara’ are made to delete from the movie. Even visuals of these double meaning dialogues are axed. And there is one scene that sets the whole tone of movie to a new level. It happens to be a rape and torture of a girl, and Puri showcased his creativity to create maximum pain among viewers with that scene. The scene got trimmed a little and was ordered to be shown only in Black and white. All the scenes that involved torture of goons will be shown only in B&W. Also the much hyped climax of the movie got trimmed by 30% in length.

Not only these, but another dialogue that involves the name of Mahatma Gandhi was also removed it seems. And the dialogue goes like this..’Gandhi Gandhi ani aravadam kadu, desamlo jarige prati avineetiki modati sakshi ee Gandhi’.

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