Few film lovers taking pot shots at Aamir Khan

Aamir-Khan_4Since Aamir Khan’s latest flick “PK” hit the screens, most of the cine lovers are lauding the efforts that Aamir Khan has put for “PK” and also everyone is appreciating Raj Kumar Hirani’s direction. “PK” is creating records in terms of collections at box office too. But there are few movie lovers who are literally throwing punches on Aamir Khan for what he did in “PK”, as the movie resembles a bit to another super hit flick “Oh My God”.

“Way back in 2012, Aamir Khan went for Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. If he is a god non-believer, then he shouldn’t have done that. There is no matching in what he does and what he preaches”, said a film lover, who believes in God and got offended by Amir’s flick.

And when it comes to the content of “PK”, one would wonder how come a perfectionist like Aamirk Khan chose the subject that runs on the lines of “Oh My God”?. Leaving all this controversies and allegations aside, ‘PK” is heading towards a block buster stature ,which kept collecting in huge figures on the revenue front.

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