Film studios in Rajahmundry ?

Film-Industry-TeluguFor many Telugu film-makers, Hyderabad is the main priority to shoot. Because, they have plenty of options like beautiful Ramoji film city, Annapurna studios, Ramanaidu studios,Saradhi Studios etc. With all the shooting equipment and many more facilities, most of them prefer to shoot at these places. But here is a small observation coming from few cine seniors and they feel the city of Rajahmundry has got its own film studios.

The reason being, shootings of Telugu films have been going on since a long time but now the frequency has increased. Just like how some bungalows in filmnagar are given on rent, similarly, some big homes and traditional homes, village bungalows in Rajahmundry and the surrounding areas are being given for rent.

As it has become an easy way of getting huge incomes, most of the owners are coming forward to rent their properties, and localities for film shoots. A key reason why many Tollywood members prefer Rajahmundry is due to the greenery and the picturesque locales surrounding the small city. In a way, number of studios has come in that city making Rajahmundry a hot destination for cine circles.

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