Final Brahmotsavam Business details

Brahmotsavam is going to release tomorrow world wide. The awaited pre-release business reports of “Brahmotsavam” have come out. The film has made a staggering total in terms of selling the rights in various locations.

As per the break down from trade circuits, Brahmotsavam fetched a total of 51.5+ crores from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. That includes Nizam (16 cr), Ceeded (9 cr), Vizag (6 cr), East (4.8 cr), West (4.2 cr), Krishna & Guntur (9 cr), Nellore (2.5 cr). With Overseas fetching 13.2 crore and Karnataka giving in 7 crores, the film got sold for 73+ crores worlwide when it comes to its Telugu version.

If print and publicity costs are included, it needs to collect nearly 76+ crore to save its distributors

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