Finally they lifted ban on Salman Khan

Salman-Khan-Case-NGOWe already learnt long back that Bombay News Photographers Association has imposed a continuous ban on Bollywood hero Salman Khan,alleging that his bodyguards had manhandled some photographers when they went to cover a private program of Salman. Since, the incident, No photographer is covering the news that is related to Salman.

However now photographers decided to end ban on Salman Khan after Salman sent invitation to Bombay News Photographers’ Association (BNPA) for his sister Arpita’s marriage with Aayush and the subsequent reception.

Rajnesh Kakade, secretary of the association said they were under impression that Salman had problem with them when his bodyguards behaved badly but now his gesture showed that it is other way. The association even wished the new couple.

So, finally the story ended on a positive note. Let us see how good Mumbai photographers cover up the news of Salman henceforth.

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