‘Gaddam Gang’ teaser not very impressive

RajaShekar-Gaddam-GangOnce upon ‘Angry Young-man’ image holder Dr. Rajasekhar hasn’t been delivering to his best since a long time now. With some routine boring plots,Rajasekhar has lost the battle and fallen out of the big league long back. He desperately needs a hit. Hence , he pinned all his hopes on hi upcoming movie ‘Gaddam Gang’. That movie is a remake of Tamil super hit film ‘Soodhukavvam’.
A gang of kidnappers, who have some formula and ethics to nab people and extort ransom, falls in the trap of a politician’s son. This is what the trailer of Tamil flick ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ is about and it created immense interested when it was released last year. But the Telugu remake of this cult hit is not creating such hype now.

Desperate to score a hit, actor Rajasekhar has now picked to remake Soodhu Kavvum into Telugu as ‘Geddam Gang’. Recently the flick’s audio and theatrical trailer are released. Other than showing Rajasekhar’s rugged getups and some passing shots, the trailer got nothing to tell about the story. If a trailer creates no interest about the flick, then how come audience will rush to theaters on day one? Those who have watched Soodhu Kavvum already are suggesting Rajasekhar and his newcomer director to come up with another cut of the trailer. Otherwise this Telugu gang is unexciting.

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