Gay comedy scene scissored in Nithin’s next

Chinnadana Neekosam Movie Wallpapers (4)There should be a limit for whatever you do to entertain the audience. One the dosage crosses the more than required line, naturally audience will get bored of it and no more it will entertain them. If we can observe closely, Gay Comedy seems to be the latest trend in TFI these days. Film-makers might be of the opinion its easy to evoke laughter by creating a Gay character and making the actors utter few adult dialogues. We have seen it in young hero Nithin’s ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde’, ‘Oka Laila Kosam’ and now a director like Karunakaran too had relied on it for ‘Chinnadana Nee Kosam’.

As the Censor board being little strict towards Telugu films these days, they have objected a particular gay comedy scene from Nithin’s next flick “Chinnadana Neekosam”, directed by Karunakarana. It is learnt that Censor board has raised an objection for the scene where a gay putting his hand on Nithin, and the hero responding with the dialogue ” ‘Tondarenduku Nenu Cheyyi Veyamannadi Car Meda’.

‘Not only that, but there is a list of few double meaning dialogues that were chopped off from the movie. ‘Meeru Aadinchukondi Motor’, ‘Ikkadidi Poyindi, Lopalinkem Poddo’, ‘Pettukunte Naaku Kaaripoyela Vundi’, ‘Nenu Back Seat Ekkestha’ and ‘Kosestha…Yentadhi’. Others things to get chopped off include the dialogue ‘Ee Teachersey Naaku Gati’ referring to a Liquor Brand and Usage of the word ‘Modi’ in ‘O Bugga Gill…’ song. Makers have to sacrifice all of them for an ‘U/A’ certificate. ‘CNK’ is releasing with 139 min 50 sec run time on Dec 25th as Christmas special.

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