Good Bye to films says Avika

avika gore glamorous photos

avika gore glamorous photos

avika gore glamorous photos[/caption]Cute Heroine Avika Gor who enthralled the TV audience across the country, did equally well when she forayed into films. She managed good chances in Telugu film industry and most of them are good hits. However the young actress all of sudden came up with a shocking decision.
The actress had decided to quit films totally and concentrate on Television. The actress does not want to leave Television and so is finding it difficult to strike balance between Serials and films. So she decided to quit films after completing the already agreed projects. And from then, she will fully concentrate on Television.
Usually films are considered as a promotion for Television actresses. Many actresses do come to films from Television and later do not want to go back unless they do not get chances here but Avika is different. “Television is always my priority. Films are next only. I am losing my personal life due to films. So I am going to bid good bye to films,” Avika said.

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