Gopala Gopala Review : The Magic repeats

Gopala Gopala New Pics (5)Directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasany
Produced by D.Suresh Babu, Sharat Marar
Screenplay by Kishore Kumar Pardasany, Bhoopathy Raja, Deepak Raj
Story by Umesh Shukla, Bhavesh Mandalia
Starring Daggubati Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, Shriya Saran
Music by Anoop Rubens
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by Gautham Raju
Production company Suresh Productions, North Star Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.

The most awaited movie since a long time, “Gopala Gopala” finally released today. The biggest combination of Tollywood “Venkatesh- Pawan Kalyan” is mesmerizing the fans across the globe with their extraordinary performances. Fans are absolutely delighted. Let us see what “Gopala Gopala” has to offer us.

Extraordinary Performances:

To begin with , Victory Venkatesh as “Gopal Rao”, a perfect Atheist has won hearts of everyone with his timely performance. Its needless to draw any comparisons with Paresh Rawal who did Venky’s role in the Original “Oh My God”. But Venkatesh has absolutely nailed it with his own style. He pulled it off with an ease. We need not say anything how good Venkatesh is in playing emotional scenes. Through out the film, Venkatesh has rocked in all aspects.
The way Gopala Rao questions the system of law with his own logics makes everyone think. Venkatesh lived the character and leaves an impression as if no other hero would suit the Gopala Rao character.

Pawan Kalyan as Lord Krishna, has done a stunning job . Most of them say, he outplayed Akshay Kumar ,who did the same role in “Oh My God”. Power star has really shown his power through out the film as Lord Sri Krishna. He simply impressed even critics with his apt demeanour of God. It is definitely a treat to watch him as Modern God for fans.

Shriya Saran as Venaktesh’s wife has really got nothing to do much but has done her job well.

Posani Krishna Murali has again played his role to perfection and well managed to tickle the funny bones of the audience through out the film. As Siddheswar Maharaj, Posani won’t let you sit quiet other than laughing.

Pridhvi’s (Thirty years industry) cameo as an advocate, will definitely make us burst into laughter .

Last but not the least, Mithun Chakraborthy as Leeladhar Swamy has lived it. It wasn’t any difficult job for him to play that role as he did the same role in “Oh My God” by himself. But for Telugu audience, his body language and subtle expressions gives a fresh feeling. In fact he has improvised the character in Telugu than in Hindi. We must say its a grand debut for Mithun Dada in Tollywood.

Excellent Technicalities :

Let us start with the music composer of ” Gopala Gopala”, Anup Rubens,has done an excellent job . He has not only given catchy numbers but also given impressive background scores. Music is one of the biggest assets of the film, Though he has used some flute bits as it is from the original, rest all was good and apt for the Telugu nativity.

Sai Madhav Burra ‘s dialogues are the biggest strength for the film, as the entire content depends on dialogues in the second half. Had those dialogues been weak,movie wouldn’t have come this good. Sai Madhav definitely deserves a pat on his back for penning such sharp and convincing dialogues .

Jayanan Vincent‘s cinematography is another big plus for the movie. He captured Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan to good effect and presented them in a beautiful way.

Dolly (Kishore Kumar Pardhasani) as one of the screenplay writers and director has stuck to his grounds and didn’t try to do anything extra than the original. He has carved “Gopala Gopala” as beautiful as “Oh My God”, which is good enough for Telugu audience. Dolly hasn’t deviated from the subject at any point of time. The way he handled two biggest stars of T-town is simply amazing.

Last but not the least, the production values of D. Suresh Babu and Sharat Marar is top notch. Both of their efforts and uncompromising nature has helped Dolly make the movie with a free hand .

Last word:

A perfect visual treat for both Venaktesh and Pawan Kalyan’s fans ,which leaves no disappointment to anyone in any aspect. Its a clean entertainer which can be watched with family for its excellent content and extraordinary performances of Venaktesh and Pawan Kalyan.

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