He asked Samantha to dance in party?

SamanthaBeing a heroine, Chennai beauty Samantha usually gets to dance with heroes regularly. But if she is asked to dance with a guy who met her at random in a Christmas party, how would Samantha react? Lets us know all that from this sexy siren.

What were the plans of Samantha for this year’s Christmas? At first, She wants to put up a Xmas tree. Later, She will be inviting her close buddies to her place and watch Christmas movies with them over dinner. Guess what’s on her wishlist for Santa this year? Samantha wants her childhood Christmas to be recreated. In childhood, She used to wear new clothes, prays in church, bacon breakfast and munched on rose cookies.

And here comes the interesting news that, the first time Samantha was asked to dance by a boy was when she was 16 at a X’mas bash. She was really excited about it and felt happy to shake her leg. Was he Samantha;s first crush something like that? It will be out only if Samantha herself reveals.

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