He doesn’t have any affair it seems

gopichandThere will be very few heroes who doesn’t have any single bad habit like smoking and drinking ,which is quite a wonder in film field. Hero Gopichand is one among that good boys lot, shared few interesting facts about his films, affairs and life off the screen in the popular talk show Open Heart With RK.. Read it in his own words.

Attractions & Affairs: “We shouldn’t bother about rumors. I was linked to Anushka as we have done two films Lakshyam and Souryam. As my family knew what I am, I don’t take them seriously. I have never done injustice to anyone and that’s why I am never linked to any controversy. I mind my own business and will be very friendly with everybody. Why because, life itself is very short and Cinema life is even shorter. I don’t know how long I could enjoy the hero status. So, I am just enjoying the work. Usually, People work in offices. I got a hero job in Industry. I do my work, take my pay and leave. That’s It!” .

Bad Habits: “I hate the smell of Tobacco. Because of that reason, I don’t smoke. Once, My Russian Friends forced me to drink Vodka on my birthday. I felt burning sensation in my throat and was vomiting for two days. Never tasted Alcohol again”.

Strength & Weakness: “I believe anyone easily and lost money on few occasions. Short Temper! But, It got tons down in the past few years. These are my two weakness. Confidence is my strength”.

Loukyam’: “Distributors are saying it will be my biggest success till date”.

Do you really think Gopichand was truthful in whatever he said?Share your comments below folks.

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