He is Joker says Deepika Padukone

29-1446115162-is-deepika-padukone-not-taking-ranveer-singh-seriously2-11-1452512861Bollywood romantic couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are loving each other, however they neither denied or accepted it. Deepika in a recent interview talked about her alleged boyfriend Ranveer and said that he is like a joker. Deepika Padukone told HT, ”He has been a huge influence. We have very different personalities for the outside world, but deep down inside, he is very different, mature and extremely intelligent. I think sometimes people don’t see or get his intelligence because he is like a joker and a bubble, who is jumping from one place to another. He is very sensitive, emotional and most importantly, very grounded.” When asked, ”Does it help if you share great real-life chemistry with your co-star, the way you do with Ranveer?” Deepika Padukone said,”Would you have asked me the same thing if we were talking about Irrfan? I feel it has nothing to do with the equation one has [with a co-star] on a personal level. It’s important to trust your co-star, and completely surrender while you are doing a scene.”

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