He paid Huge amount for Top Heroines per Night

He paid Huge amonut for Top Heroines per Night,Xu Yu,cankaoxiaoxi.comA Chinese businessman named Xu Yu has filed a lawsuit against an Australian escort agency, claiming that he paid $3.74 million AUD (18.74 million RMB)(20cr In Indian rupees) to the Sydney escort agency, which promised him “sexual services” with Megan Fox, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel and Independence Day 2 star Angelababy.
Xu also claimed that he had generously agreed to pay the three women their transportation and accommodation costs, yet none of them made it their supposed rendezvous point, according to a report from cankaoxiaoxi.com.
He even expected the girls to turn up in China and now he is filing a law suit on Sydney based escort egency which claims to provide sexual services on international standing. The contact number of the agency seems to be unavailable now\

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