He reacts on Incorrigible strike of distributors

Lingaa Movie New Stills (17)Producer of “Lingaa” , Rockline Venkatesh has finally opened up his mouth and reacted on the strike that is being done by the distributors from a few days. Yesterday, “Lingaa” distributors have protested in Chennai, demanding Superstar Rajanikanth to resolve the issue by convincing the makers of “Lngaa” cover up their losses.

Despite the warning given by Tamil Artists Association, distributors went on protesting the other day and are pressurizing the producer Rockline Venktesh to give back the money. Remaining silent all these days, Rockline Venkatesh has finally spoken about the demand of the distributors finally this morning. rockline asserts that he didn’t cheat any distributors by any means. He became emotional and also said that if he is proven guilty, he is ready to give in to the demands of the distributors.

We have to wait and see how far it goes. But Rajanikanth’s silence is worrying the distributors a lot it seems.

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