Health issues for Renu Desai?

13RENUDESAI_0Power star Pawan Kalyan’s ex wife, actor turned director Renu Desai has widely advertised that her directorial ‘Ishq wala Love ” Telugu soon. But due to Hudhud cyclone and other reasons, she could not release the film in Telugu. Wonder what’s the reason, it’s learnt that Renu is not well and her health issues are what holding back Renu from releasing the film.

“Everyone is asking me the release date of Ishq Wala Love in Telugu. I wanted to release it on 10th Oct itself but because of censor cert it got delayed to 17th. Then we had the cyclone problem. I’m now waiting for a good release date, hence not announced anything for the last 1 week…Also I am having health problems, for which I need to take treatment first. So unable to concentrate on film work. I will definitely fix a release date soon & announce it,” Renu shared on her social-networking page.

Renu now wants to release the Telugu version grandly only after she recuperates from ill health. In fact, she wants her ex-husband and star Pawan Kalyan to promote the film in Telugu if possible since the film marks the debut of Akira Nandan, son of Pawan and Renu. Let’s see whether Pawan comes to the rescue of Renu or not.

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