Hebah and Tejaswi met with a minor accident

hebah-patel-tejaswini-mandivada-in-nenu-naa-boy-friendsShooting for a montage shot in Hyderabad on Thursday noon for ‘Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends’, actresses Hebah Patel and Tejaswi Madivada met with a minor accident. As the actors were on their two-wheeler giving a take for director Bhasker and cameraman Chota K Naidu at Cyber Towers, Hi-Tech city, an auto-rickshaw driver, very much aware of who Hebah and Tejaswi were, dashed them, causing the two to slip from their bike.

A source confirms, “The shot was Okayed and as they both Hebah and Tejaswi were slowing down to park their vehicles on the side of the road, the auto-rickshaw driver intentionally hit them. Before the unit got hold of him, he vanished from the spot. The fall resulted in bruises, though minor ones, on the legs of both the actresses. While Tejaswi immediately regained composure, Hebah had a tough time to walk.

The traffic came to a standstill for a minute before Tejaswi and an assistant director helped Hebah reach the unit’s car. They zoomed off in no time from the spot, avoiding tamasha on the usually busy road stretch.”

He adds, “Both the actors avoided a break and later shot at a house in Jubilee Hills. It was the last day of the patchwork for the unit.”

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