Her PR team shocks everyone

vishakha-singhFor every hero and heroine ,it needs a strong PR agency to look after those artiste promotion, branding, endorsements etc. Especilaly in Bollywood, PR agencies manage most of the stuff related to heroines including getting gossips written about them. This PR works have been started in Tollywood too off late. Wonder who could be that heroine who hired a PR agency ? Its not any established star,but a débutante in Tollywood. Check the story.

It is learnt that actress Visakha Singh ,who made her debut with Nara Rohit’s recently through “Rowdy Fellow”, seems to have maintaining a PR Agency . And it is said to be working at a lightening speed it seems. They spread the news to the world through couple of media houses, much before the person adjacent to Visakha knows it. Long back when she was shooting in USA for Rowdy Fellow, there was huge headline that Visakha Singh was struck in rain and storm. Even the unit members didn’t know that she got struck in rain, but they are shocked to see that in a newspaper. That’s the power of her PR agency.

And peaks of those PR Agency’s dedicated work is, recently a top newspaper whipped ‘Rowdy Fellow’ front and back with their critical review, but praised Visakha’s wonderful acting and catchy screen presence. But its quite opposite in reality, if we can observe Visakha in the film. She happens to be the big minus of the film, as she never looked like a heroine. But this praising from that daily has stunned everyone.And they all realized that it could be the magic of her PR Agency again.

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