Hero, Heroines getting panic over Singer tweets!

Hero, Heroines getting panic over Singer tweets!Singer Suchitra’s controversial tweets became instantly viral and got everyone’s attention. Sanchita, earlier this morning cleared the air by saying that it was not her who was seen in those pictures and videos. Now, Selvaraghavan and his wife Gitanjali Selvaraghavan have tweeted about the same controversy.

Selvaraghavan tweeted, “My friends. I was about to give police complaint but I love and respect her husband @evamkarthik”

Gitanjali said, “My sympathies to @suchitrakarthik and her husband @evamkarthik These r terrible times as my heart goes out to them… Stay strong.. As for the ppl mentioned like my husband @selvaraghavan my bro @dhanushkraja and various dear friends, we all have your back @evamkarthik”

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