Hero wife too angry on Veteran Actor!

twinklekhannaBollywood star Akshay kumar wife and former heroine Twinkle Khanna has fired on veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah passed some disparaging remarks against her late father superstar Rajesh Khanna.

In an interview, Naseeruddin Shah was quoted saying, ‘It was the 70’s when mediocrity came in Hindi films. That’s when the actor called Rajesh Khanna joined the industry. For all his success, I think Mr Khanna was a very limited actor. In fact, he was a poor actor. Intellectually, he wasn’t the most alert person I have ever met. His taste ruled the industry,” says Shah about Khanna, who gave hits such as Aradhana (1969), Haathi Mere Saathi (1971) and Anand (1971).”
Shah further went on to say, ‘The quality of script, acting, music and lyrics deteriorated. Colour came in. You could make a heroine wear a purple dress and hero a red shirt, go to Kashmir and make a movie. You didn’t need a story. This trend continued and I certainly think Mr Khanna had something to do with it because he was God in those days.”

Certainly not pleased with Shah’s not-so-flattering opinion about her late father who was also the country’s first celluloid superstar, Twinkle took to Twitter to express her disapproval.
“Sir if you can’t respect the living, respect the dead. Mediocrity is attacking a man who can’t respond,” tweeted Twinkle.

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