Heroines can dominate heroes easily: Karthika

Karthika-Nair-Photo-ShotOne must be wondering like how could Karthika make such a bold statement? Yester years top heroine Radha was considered as one of the best female dancing partner for Chiranjeevi those days. Radha’s daughter Karthika has recently shook her legs in ‘Brother of Bommali” and got accolades . She must have picked up her confidence levels in dancing and that excitement and happiness must have made her say such stunning words. Here it goes..read it in her own words.
“I understood why heroines are not given more dance steps. Because they dominate heroes easily like I did it in Brother Of Bommali”, says heroine Karthika, who clearly felt that Film Industry is male dominated and hero-centric. After tasting disasters with Josh and Dammu, she finally breathed a sigh of relief as her latest flick ‘Brother of Bommali’, where she played Allari Naresh’s has clicked big time.
“Dance master Prem Rakshit got shocked by the way I’m dancing. And as Naresh hasn’t said no to big moves being composed on me, I’ve got a chance to showcase by swift leg-shaking abilities on the floor. I’ve to thank Naresh for that”, quips Karthika, praising Naresh for not feeling a bit of ego though she got all the attention in the first song of the flick. However, her comments may create jitters for some heroes though she isn’t making any serious allegations. Karthika’s mother Radha is also a brilliant dancer and many a times a dancing sensation like Chiranjeevi praised her as his best onscreen dancing partner.

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