Hero’s Wife gets a bag when He Kisses a Heroine!

Emraan-HashmiSerial kisser, Emraan Hashmi, who got this name for his on-screen kisses, says that his wife Parveen still sulks about his kisses and calms down only after Emraan gifts her a bag for every film he kisses in. At the launch of his book, “The Kiss Of Life”, Emraan was asked about his wife’s reaction to his kisses. Emraan said, “She still sulks. She doesn’t hit me as hard now, earlier it used to be with a bag, now it’s just with the hand. So she has kind of come down over the years.” Does Emraan calm her down by buying her expensive jewellery? “Always buy her bags, for every kiss, for every film. She has got a cupboard full of bags, there’s one cupboard dedicated to bagsr,” he said.

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