Hollywood couple kidnapped a singer?

brad-angelina-chris-martin_640x480_41418993291This is really a shocking news to all the movie and music lovers to know that renowned Hollywood stars and wife and husband, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have kidnapped popular singer Chris Martin. Don’t believe? Here is the story, read on the story in Chris Martin’s words only.

Sharing the details he revealed that famous Hollywood couples kidnapped him to the song penned by Brad Pitt for Un Broken directed by Angelina Jolie. He said they messaged him the situation of the song and later not only hit him on his head but also sprayed on his face. He revealed that after regaining conscious he found himself at an office where Brad Pitt was doing exercises and Angelina sitting in front of her husband.

He added that a person was sitting pointing knife on his neck. Martin revealed that they threatened him to share his opinion on the song they are penning now. He said Pitt and Jolie kidnapped him for fun and laughed it away . Well, that’s the story folks.So just relax, as Chris revealed that it was just for fun,lets not worry much about him.

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