Hollywood Movie ‘Ray of Hope’ On Srinivas Kuchibhotla Incident

(The Film “Ray Of Hope” Will Reflect The True Spirit Of America )

The Bellevue based People-Media, a subsidiary entity of PeopleTech Group is producing a film titled “Ray of Hope” throwing lights on the acts of misunderstanding and violence against immigrants all across the United States.

BELLEVUE, WA, April 22, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The US was perhaps the first modern democratic capitalistic sovereign nation state to have been peopled, established and founded by ‘immigrants’. However, recent spur in acts of violence against immigrants taking place over the United States, including Kent, Yakima, Kansas and Lancaster, South Carolina, warrants all Americans to revisit the true foundation and spirit of this great nation.

Bellevue based People-Media, a subsidiary of PeopleTech Group is producing a film titled “Ray of Hope” throwing lights on this core issue. The principal photography will commence soon in Seattle and Bellevue. The project will be in collaboration with the local community partner ‘Tasveer’.

“In recent times, there is a lot of confusion in the United States regarding the changing attitude and perception towards immigrants. The film “Ray of Hope” analyses the current situation and fills new ray of hope among immigrants and the mainstream communities again.” : – Dave Pinn, Director, “Ray of Hope”

“I was really shaken up by the death of Mr. Kuchibhothla and many hate crimes those were taking place in the country. The vigil in his honor was participated by 43 local and national organizations like ACLU. I think people are ready for a film like this where we bring all views and opinions to the forefront.” : – Rita Meher, Co-Producer; Founder of Tasveer

“There are many polarizing issues that are seemingly coming to a boiling point all across America in 2017. Regardless of political agendas or ideologies, the one thing that unites us is that we all come from different corners of this earth. I believe and truly hope that a fog is being lifted and that we can collectively see this clearly now; we are one, and need to steadfastly look out for one another.” : – Joe Leon, Co-writer, “Ray of Hope”

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