Hot actress nude pics going viral

vasundaraOne would wonder how come the snaps that were taken in private leaks out? We have seen earlier many of such pics of Nayanatara -Simbhu, Nayanatara – Prabhudeva etc. Yet another such incident took place recently of noted Kollywood actress Vasundhara Kashyap. She made her debut as a side actress in Arya starrer ‘Vattaram’, has been in the news after her sleazy selfies were leaked online.

This young and talented artiste is well known for her roles in films like ‘Peraanmai’ and ‘Then Merkku Paruvakaatru’. The sleazy pictures, reported to be that of actress Vasundhara and her boy friend, on internet has been spreading out like wildfire. The buzz is that a video of the actress with her boyfriend is also leaked online.

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