Hot girl painted Modi- Obama on her sexy back

NataliaThe way India and the USA bonding with each other making everyone wonder across the globe. Especialy with the USA president Obama’s three day visit to India, both Narendra Modi and Barak Obama made very clear about the relation between the two nations to the world that how fond they are of each other. Naturally these developments could not make Pakistan and China digest. To everyone’s surprise, for the first time Barak Obama broke the USA protocol for being exposed to public more than two hours at the republic day celebrations that were held at Delhi few days back.

And do you believe that the friendship between Modi and Obama has been admired by an Ukrainian actress,Nataliya Kozhenova ? And would you believe that she gone to such an extent of expressing her admiration towards Modi and Obama by painting their faces on her back?

Sharing her excitement , Nataliya said she was not an Indian and she is not doing anything for publicity but for the love of both countries. She said she is doing specially for Handsome Modi. Nataliya branded them as political superstars. Well, Mr.Modi are you listening?

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